Guru ji, when you say, free your mind, what do you actually mean?

You see, everybody has an EGO. What is this EGO? It is not pride, it is not proud. Don’t confuse. Ego is your existence. You are your EGO. Ego has definition of good and bad. Something’s are regarded as good and some as bad.

You need to delete this list of good and bad from your mind. Just be conscious and try to live spontaneously. See the situation and refuse to give-in to the ready-made answers. Think Now.!

People give Readymade solutions, answers, replies! People have these ready-made answers for people want to reduce their efforts for thinking everytime. This creates prejudices..!

Getting away from this EGO is Freeing the Mind..!! Don’t get entangled in the definitions of good or bad. What you are who you are, what is good or bad. Get away from thinking. This is Freeing your mind. Free your mind from if’s and but’s.

Nothing is good, nothing is bad; Nothing is right, nothing is wrong; Free yourself.

Just Live



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