What is spirituality, Guruji?

Spirituality is the answer to the question, how to be happy! How to free ourselves from sadness, from despair, from mental pain.!

We feel problems and unsuccess, we are distressed. How to dissociate oneself from this cloud of negative emotions. The problems will never ends. I face problems even now. This cloud may change its color, from negative to positive, but the cloud will persist. This cloud is responsible for clouding our decisions and our vision..! This cloud will stay. How to free oneself from this cloud of misconceptions, perceptions, emotions?

Spirituality is the technique. Spirituality gives one the best possible emotional intelligence. One understands complete mechanism of emotions. He overcomes his emotions mind. He’s free then!

Two concepts are important,

1. ज्ञान (knowledge of self)

2. वैराग्य (application of knowledge resulting in detachment)

And you are free..!

Understand this one thing, that no religion or culture wants people to be wise. Because wise people are free.. And free people are never under anybody’s control.. Being wise and free, is against the very power of these people.

Be Free..!


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