Is our life predestined?

The story of our lives is written the day we are born. Yes, it is predestined.!

Many people ask this questions but they don’t really wanna acknowledge the answer. Their ego that they are the one responsible for their success keeps them from knowing this, from acknowledging this.

Realizing this, is crucial for the spiritual development. People, become disheartened, melancholy, saddened, when somebody tells them this. This new revelation is inimical to their ego. Ego Defence Mechanisms are unleashed. This is where they get trapped.

One can have immense peace of mind if one understands, realizes that all the events in past were not to be attributed to them. All failures, all successes, all happiness, saddened, hope despair, everything.! They can at once get out of this turmoil in life.! Life is moving, let it move. Just enjoy present. It is like a train moving through exotic journey. Just be concerned with the mountains outside.!

Living in present, is one way of living an Enlightened life. Dont take life very seriously. Have good sense humour. Present Living inspires Sense of Humor. This tool is very efficient.

Dont be sad for past, don’t worry for future.!

Yes, the life is Predestined.! Let it move.!


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