What was the holy book of the Hindus prior to “The Gita” being delivered by ‘Lord Krishna’?

There is a fundamental difference between Hinduism and other religions.

There was no religion in Bharat.!! Yog is for humans, ayurveda is for humans.. meditation is for humans. It was philosophy or science.

Abrahmic religions are religions that are primarily used to cut factions from society in the name of this fictional superhero God. And create a follower base. They have this concept of holy books, holy city, holy way of worship etc etc. The concept of Getting Enlightened over night was also not actually present in Bharat..

The system of knowledge here at Bharat was a system of knowledge about self, psychology, sociology, medical science etc.

We are erroneous when we call ourselves Hindu, or Religion.!!

Word Hindu does not have any recognition from the scriptures it represents. This is a name given to us by foreigners.!!

There is only one religion in world: Jews. Later, Christianity was created, than Islam was created from the same location, from same roots, same society. Later they grew into such huge mass. Trend was the same. Concept was the same, logic was same.


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