How do you feel about Astrology? Is it the ANSWER, or merely a tool for conscious exploration of oneself?

You have raised an interesting preposition. I believe the best purpose served by astrology is not predicting future but making us aware of the fact that we are not what we earlier thought we were. There are some questions that are raised which cannot be answered by Abrahamic religions.

Astrology should convince human that we are not alone. There are some extraneous factors which are not in our control that are influencing our behaviours. There are people those who come to me for astrological help, but all they want is a way to fulfill their dreams. It is never spirituality or awareness. It is never this question that how is this possible that our future is behind predicted. Astrology should help us understand the spiritual significance of human being rather than getting some Peeks into future.

It is proof enough that God in not a figure… But a kind of program or consciousness.!!! Universal consciousness as told by Schrödinger and Heisenberg.!! This should stop our thinking and give rest to or mind.!



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