What is spirituality, Guruji?

Spirituality is the answer to the question, how to be happy! How to free ourselves from sadness, from despair, from mental pain.! We feel problems and unsuccess, we are distressed. How to dissociate oneself from this cloud of negative emotions. The problems will never ends. I face problems even now. This cloud may change its […]

Is our life predestined?

The story of our lives is written the day we are born. Yes, it is predestined.! Many people ask this questions but they don’t really wanna acknowledge the answer. Their ego that they are the one responsible for their success keeps them from knowing this, from acknowledging this. Realizing this, is crucial for the spiritual […]

People’s Part in Indian Economy – I

Economy is one of the most dreaded subjects, still the most important course to be studied for building nations. What is Economy? We all have a threshold understanding of what Economy is. I need not to go into depth. We all have elementary knowledge about all the indicators discussed in Economy. To name a few, […]